Ornamental Fencing in St Louis

St. Louis, MO – The City with Impeccable Style and Taste

Residents and businesses all agree on one thing: St. Louis has a charm and style like no other US city. This is seen down to the smallest detail of real property accessories, like ornamental fencing. You know you’re in St. Louis when you see ornamental fencing that fairly shouts this city’s unique fashion sense.

St Louis Ornamental Fence
Unlike many other urban cities, St Louis maintains that special essence by accentuating homes and businesses with the graciousness of St. Louis ornamental fence, so prevalent in unique design, color and materials.

The accent today is on ornamental fences that give properties an “estate” look. In St. Louis, commercial businesses know the way to make their properties look more professional is with a custom-built St Louis ornamental fence. Homeowners prefer St Louis ornamental fencing to increase the value of their properties and to insure a greater measure of privacy and security.

Consider the many ways St Louis ornamental fencing adds a finished look to residential property. For corner properties, for example, it’s important for these properties to be protected from trespassers and define property lines.

Ornamental fences are available in several heights from three to eight feet in aluminum, wrought iron or stainless steel. Each of these offers customers durability and style. There are several types of ornamental fences with details that are among the most popular in St Louis. These design details include:
. Picket
. Rail
. Scrolled edge
. Scallop
. Greco-Roman
. Italianesque
. Provincial

In St. Louis, traditional homes tend to choose ornamental fencing according to the overall style theme of the home. For example, a Victorian home may feature an ornamental fence with a graduated picket and scrolled design. A commercial building may prefer the look of a rail or picket style ornamental fence to enhance their business appeal.

These decorative fences are found on St. Louis park systems, municipal and school properties. Even modern buildings choose ornamental fencing in modern, fanciful designs. The fence professionals strive to accommodate the custom tastes of their clients and to help maintain the unique St. Louis style.

For pool areas, these ornamental fences are essential to insure safety and reduce potential liability. Liability is the other major reason residents of St. Louis prefer ornamental fencing. Whether the fencing protects a specific area of the property or the entire property, durable, elegant ornamental fencing reduces liability and unwanted traffic.