Great Reasons to Paint Your Cabinets

Revamping any room in a house can be a rewarding and fun process. Whether people choose to do it on their own or obtain the services of a professional painting company to do the job, the spread of color and transformation is a great feeling.

Few rooms can be as rewarding to modify and update as the kitchen. However, it often feels like not much can be done inexpensively. Painting kitchen cabinets is one economical and fantastic way to give a kitchen a new look.Reasons to Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

Although traditionally stained Festus MO cabinets can still look great, the majority of styles found in houses today show that painted kitchen cabinets are highly fashionable. They can create a modern, sleek look or a country, airy feel with lighter colors. These unique looks can be achieved by simply painting the doors, leaving the framework stained or distressing the paint.

Whatever direction they choose to take, people get to control and experiment with the stylistic flavor of their kitchen without spending lots of cash. Painting Festus MO cabinets often only cost 10 to 25 percent of a full cabinet replacement.

Another reason to paint kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them is that it will save a whole lot of time. A professional painted cabinets Ste Genevieve service can make this process very quick and easy without disrupting the use of the kitchen for long periods of time.

Types of Painted Finishes on Cabinets

When obtaining the services of a Farmington cabinet refinishing company, people could also choose the type of painted finish they want on their kitchen cabinets. One of these is the flat finish. This finish has little shine and does not reflect much light at all. This is perfect for painted cabinets Ste Genevieve owners who want to hide small surface imperfections such as small holes and bumps.

Roller and brush marks disappear during application. Even if some portions have more paint than others, this finish usually looks smooth and even.

Another painted finish for cabinets is the satin finish. Owners who choose this Farmington cabinet refinishing option will have a kitchen cabinet with a shiny and silky surface that is durable and reflects light very well.

A glossy painted finish is another option. There are two varieties that include high gloss and semi–gloss. High gloss is more reflective and more durable while a semi-gloss finish has an even and smooth surface and tends to be very bright. It resists humidity and moisture and can withstand serious scrubbing.