Great Reasons to Paint Your Cabinets

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Revamping any room in a house can be a rewarding and fun process. Whether people choose to do it on their own or obtain the services of a professional painting company to do the job, the spread of color and transformation is a great feeling.

Few rooms can be as rewarding to modify and update as the kitchen. However, it often feels like not much can be done inexpensively. Painting kitchen cabinets is one economical and fantastic way to give a kitchen a new look.Reasons to Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

Although traditionally stained Festus MO cabinets can still look great, the majority of styles found in houses today show that painted kitchen cabinets are highly fashionable. They can create a modern, sleek look or a country, airy feel with lighter colors. These unique looks can be achieved by simply painting the doors, leaving the framework stained or distressing the paint.

Whatever direction they choose to take, people get to control and experiment with the stylistic flavor of their kitchen without spending lots of cash. Painting Festus MO cabinets often only cost 10 to 25 percent of a full cabinet replacement.

Another reason to paint kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them is that it will save a whole lot of time. A professional painted cabinets Ste Genevieve service can make this process very quick and easy without disrupting the use of the kitchen for long periods of time.

Types of Painted Finishes on Cabinets

When obtaining the services of a Farmington cabinet refinishing company, people could also choose the type of painted finish they want on their kitchen cabinets. One of these is the flat finish. This finish has little shine and does not reflect much light at all. This is perfect for painted cabinets Ste Genevieve owners who want to hide small surface imperfections such as small holes and bumps.

Roller and brush marks disappear during application. Even if some portions have more paint than others, this finish usually looks smooth and even.

Another painted finish for cabinets is the satin finish. Owners who choose this Farmington cabinet refinishing option will have a kitchen cabinet with a shiny and silky surface that is durable and reflects light very well.

A glossy painted finish is another option. There are two varieties that include high gloss and semi–gloss. High gloss is more reflective and more durable while a semi-gloss finish has an even and smooth surface and tends to be very bright. It resists humidity and moisture and can withstand serious scrubbing.

Ornamental Fencing in St Louis

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St. Louis, MO – The City with Impeccable Style and Taste

Residents and businesses all agree on one thing: St. Louis has a charm and style like no other US city. This is seen down to the smallest detail of real property accessories, like ornamental fencing. You know you’re in St. Louis when you see ornamental fencing that fairly shouts this city’s unique fashion sense.

St Louis Ornamental Fence
Unlike many other urban cities, St Louis maintains that special essence by accentuating homes and businesses with the graciousness of St. Louis ornamental fence, so prevalent in unique design, color and materials.

The accent today is on ornamental fences that give properties an “estate” look. In St. Louis, commercial businesses know the way to make their properties look more professional is with a custom-built St Louis ornamental fence. Homeowners prefer St Louis ornamental fencing to increase the value of their properties and to insure a greater measure of privacy and security.

Consider the many ways St Louis ornamental fencing adds a finished look to residential property. For corner properties, for example, it’s important for these properties to be protected from trespassers and define property lines.

Ornamental fences are available in several heights from three to eight feet in aluminum, wrought iron or stainless steel. Each of these offers customers durability and style. There are several types of ornamental fences with details that are among the most popular in St Louis. These design details include:
. Picket
. Rail
. Scrolled edge
. Scallop
. Greco-Roman
. Italianesque
. Provincial

In St. Louis, traditional homes tend to choose ornamental fencing according to the overall style theme of the home. For example, a Victorian home may feature an ornamental fence with a graduated picket and scrolled design. A commercial building may prefer the look of a rail or picket style ornamental fence to enhance their business appeal.

These decorative fences are found on St. Louis park systems, municipal and school properties. Even modern buildings choose ornamental fencing in modern, fanciful designs. The fence professionals strive to accommodate the custom tastes of their clients and to help maintain the unique St. Louis style.

For pool areas, these ornamental fences are essential to insure safety and reduce potential liability. Liability is the other major reason residents of St. Louis prefer ornamental fencing. Whether the fencing protects a specific area of the property or the entire property, durable, elegant ornamental fencing reduces liability and unwanted traffic.

Creative Touch Wood Products Contract Services

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We specialize in woodwork and can listen to your design ideas and use our computerized system to create plans that will exceed your expectations. We also offer many luxurious remodeling ideas.

If you are thinking about adding new cabinets to your home, we can help. We can give your kitchen an entirely new look and make sure that you have plenty of space to store your dishes, pots, and pans. If you are looking for a Festus contractor, we want to be the company that you choose. Our high end design and product choices lead customers to our door again and again. We take pride in offering excellent services that our customers can truly depend on. If you want to have new cabinets made out of premium wood, we can help.

We also provide many other home services. We can install new windows into your home that will help to make your house be more energy efficient. If you need new stairs or new countertops, we can assist you with that too. Our goal is to create a home environment for you that you will be able to appreciate for a long time. All of our products are made to last from the best materials available. We offer many different choices so that you can have a custom look to your property. We can help you to have your dream home, and we also work on commercial property.

Fencing is another one of our many services. We can install everything from affordable chain link fence to a gorgeous wood fence around your property. We also offer durable vinyl fencing. You can choose from privacy, rail, or picket fencing. We offer fences that are meant to decorate your yard and enhance its appearance, and we offer fences that are meant to give you privacy. If you are looking for a Farmington contractor, choose us for all of your services. Creative Touch believes in offering the best customer service, high end materials, and reliable values.

New construction and Remodeling of Residential and Light Commercial Projects

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Creative Touch offers premium construction and remodeling services that our customers can rely on whether they hire us to build them an entire home or just want to add an additional room to their existing property. We want to hear what you want your dream home to look like on the inside and outside. Remodeling can be fun when you hire us to do the work for you. If you need a Festus contractor, be sure to make Creative Touch your first choice.

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms of your home, and you should be able to have a design that you will enjoy using. Creative Touch has a special computerized system that can help to bring your design to life. We can build cabinets to compliment the look of your home, and we use only the finest products to build cabinets that you will be able to use for a long time to come. Creative Touch can paint, stain, or glaze your cabinets so that they look the exact way that you want them to. Our company can build as many cabinets as you would like us to and even add some luxurious countertop space to your kitchen area. We can provide you with granite or laminate countertop options that will help to enhance the look of your home. If you are looking for a Farmington contractor that will build enough cabinets, Creative Touch should be at the top of your list.

Fencing is another great option for any property. Creative Touch can provide you with chain link fencing, wood fencing, or vinyl fencing. Our company can help you to find the perfect fencing type for your needs whether you are looking for a budget friendly choice, privacy fencing, or decorative fencing. The look of your yard can change depending on what type of fencing you choose. If you want to make sure that your pets do not get out or just want to make your yard safer for your children, a good fence can be a great investment. Creative Touch can help you to find fencing that will turn your property into a great place to be.

Creative Touch Wood Products: Fencing

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Are you a resident in Farmington or Ste. Genevieve, Missouri and need fencing for your yard? At Creative Touch Wood products, we provide all types of fencing as well as great service. We are the leader in maintenance free Farmington fencing and Ste. Genevieve Fence solutions.

Here are some of the types of fencing that we offer. At Creative Touch Wood Products, we provide fencing that fits every need and budget.

  • Vinyl Fencing- From a ranch tail look, picket and semi privacy to full privacy, fences that are made of vinyl come in a variety of styles and colors. These colors come in wood, almond, clay white and pebblestone. Our vinyl fencing is durable and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Chainlink Fencing- Chainlink fencing is a popular choice among residents due to its durability, strength and affordability. This fencing system is maintenance free and it is a popular choice for those who have children and pets who would like a little extra security. Our Master Halco chainlink fencing system comes in a variety of coatings and weights to choose from that will help enhance your landscape such as your trees, bushes, décor and shrubs. This fencing system is easy to install, come with a 7 to 12 year coating warranty as well as preserving views while providing tranquility.
  • Wood Fencing- Our Master Halco wood fencing systems are constructed of low density pine, redwood, cypress and cedar hard wood. These materials decrease the chances of changing dimension, checking or warping and come in a variety of styles to turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis. Other advantages of a wood fencing system include providing definition of property, privacy, as well as control sunlight, wind and noise. Wood fencing systems are also built to match the architecture of your home.

Other types of fencing that Creative Touch Wood Products offer include:

  • Privacy and Picket Fencing
  • Ornamental Fencing Systems
  • Privacy, Picket and Rail
  • Chainlink Fencing Accessories

If you live in the or Ste. Genevieve, Missouri area and need fencing to enhance your yard or to keep your children and pets in, call us today at Creative Touch Wood Products today at 573-883-3846 for a free quote.